Hi there, I'm Alex!

I'm a hacker / founder / musician living in San Francisco. Previously at Stripe, now building Mosey.

Get in touch on Twitter @alexkehayias.


The Stripe + Mosey Guide to Starting a Remote Company

How to start a remote-first company and save yourself a lot of time an money

What I learned - 2022

Everything is changing all the time.

What I learned - 2021

It gets worse, but then it gets better.

Subsistence and Prioritization

Mistakes we make when prioritizing work

Bruce Springsteen and growing up non-white in the suburbs

Why listening to Born In the U.S.A. is the perfect parable for my experience growing up non-white in the suburbs.

Finding startup ideas with Zettelkasten

How I organized my observations and ideas using Zettelkasten to start a company.

What I Learned - 2020

What I learned during the most awful year and why I'm so optimistic for 2021.

Noteland - Note blogging platform

A radically simple way to start a note blog, zettelkasten, or digital garden.

Zettelkasten, Emacs, and Creative Thinking

An in-depth description of a Zettelkasten note taking practice that helps me improve clarity of thinking and creativity.


An experimental deck builder game

Self-servicification of internal teams

Common pitfalls of interal services teams moving to a self-serve model and what to do about it.

Problem solving

Introspection on improving product problem solving skills

Zettelkasten notes

My personal collection of notes organized in the Zettelkasten method

Episodic - procedural narrative generator

Creates a cohesive narrative comprised of story elements for multiple agents

What I Learned - 2019

Lessons and learnings from 2019.

Building Remote Teams

Everything I've learned about building and running remote engineering teams

Progressive WebAssembly Applications @ WebAssembly SF

A look at progressive WebAssembly applications (PWAA) using Rust

Shutting down Workbeam

Retrospective of a fun side-project that never really launched

Fane - simulator written in Rust

Fane is a toy simulator written in Rust. So far it doesn't do much!

How I learned to code in nine years

How I learned to code and found myself in the tech over the course of nine years

Woz - Progressive WebAssembly Application generator for Rust

Build and deploy a Rust progressive WebAssembly app from the command line

Personal Site - alexkehayias.com

My personal website (this website!).

What I Learned - 2018

Lessons and learnings from 2018.

Graphplan in Rust

An implementation of the Graphplan algorithm in Rust.


News and video of the Teenage Engineering OP-Z sequencer and synthesizer.

Rust safety checker cargo-rust

Safety checks for Rust projects that finds all uses of unsafe code in dependencies.

Grammarling - EBNF in the browser

Interactive EBNF grammar editor that renders to HTML and styled with CSS

Functional game engine design for the web @ Clojure West

Designing a game engine for the web using functional programming


The programmable project platform for productive teams with deadlines.


Live state inspector for running ClojureScript Reagent apps.

Chocolatier - functional game engine for the web

A functional game engine for sprite-based 2D games in the browser written in ClojureScript